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Great news: after 5 yrs, the ADAP waiting lists have been eliminated!

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--- Quote from: ARMANDO on January 23, 2014, 07:42:15 AM ---what are the eliglbilty requirments to get on ADAP?

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They vary from state to state. You'll either have to let folks know what state you're in so they can advise you, or you'll have to do some online research focused on your state, or go to your local ASO and ask them for assistance.

You can find your local ASO by putting your zip code into the's Health Services Directory.

Hope this helps.


if, like some people, you don't have an ASO in your area (you might just have an agency that administers ADAP but doesn't have case management), google u your state name and the word "ADAP". Check out your state's governmental website that will have eligibility info, applications, etc.

eligibility requirements are usually HIV positive, medications are medically neccesary, and your income is anywhere from 100 - 400% of Fed Poverty Level (some states are a lot more generous than others who will only assist when you're half dead and poorer than a church mouse LOL).


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