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Welcome to our cyber family.  You have found a great place for those of us living with HIV.

The members here are a truly remarkable group of people.


I hate welcoming people to our site/family, but for the obvious reasons. 

I  trust you will fit right in here, and look forward to your contributions to the discussions and dialogues we have here.  This is one hell-of-a support family and they are super knowledgable, and generous.

In Love and Support.

Hi Kiki,

Welcome to the forums.  Sorry you have to be here but at least you found us.  It's a wonderful place to be.




First let me say that I really appreciate your strength and courage for coming here and sharing your story with us. We all have paid a price to gain admission to this forum, and unfortunately your price was much higher than some.

Secondly, welcome to the family. You will find an incredible group of folks here...I couldn't be more blessed to have found these people!! You are in good, no, GREAT company!

Again, welcome!

Hello Kiki.  I too am a 30 year old mother.  I was diagnosed in July of last year after I landed in the hospital with PCP.  I had been married at that point for 2 years and my husband has tested negative, thank god.  I have two children from two previous relationships and it turns out it was my daughters father(the younger of the two) who had infected me.  I have tested both my children and also, thank god, they are negative.  When I was diagnosed in July of 05', I had a cd4 count of 52 and viral load was astronomically high.  Now almost a year later, I have a cd4 count of 459 and vl undetected. 
I hope to hear more from you. 


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