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Philly, you are right; in fact, I remembered your posts about insurance assistance when I first researched this.  As for those states that choose to not offer this (not only in the South, I'll add!)... it's false economy.  I've read the argument "we're not in the business of paying for people's health insurance".  Well, OK.  Atripla at over $2000 per month plus labs plus office visits vs $600.  If more people would do what I did, perhaps NO states would have waiting lists, as there'd be much more funding to go around.

Ann... it really is a pity that some states choose to be so un-progressive at the expense of their citizens.


Welcome to Southern CA, from what you wrote it sounds like you might be living in OC and if so yes, you went to one of the best ASO's around that serves the community here well.  But if you are in LA, LB or SD (I don't know much about the IE) then those ASO's are good too.

OC's is very professional but still "grass roots" at the same time.   And we have some of best respected HIV specialists around too for being behind the "Orange Curtain".

I've been lucky and have never had to personally use ADAP/Ryan White but I do know others that have and the process here in OC and the state of CA is probably considered "easy" compared to other areas of the country.  We are lucky here for many reasons.

I might be new to posting but I've been "lurking" and reading for since 2008.

Miss Philicia:
Ah, the OC -- land of Republicans! One of my uncles was a mayor in Placentia. He moved his family to norther New Jersey in the mid-90's and didn't last long -- moved back to OC. The northeast was just too liberal for them but he'd never say it. He's probably morphed into a tea bagger by now. I just found his Facebook page and am trying to see. He's really closer to my father's age, maybe 15 years younger. Anyway, I've not seen them for 20 years.

So where exactly in southern California are you living David -- or is this some crafty secret?


Thanks for the report.

Glad the relocation and accompanying health care are working for you.


--- Quote from: OneTampa on November 22, 2013, 09:52:26 PM ---David,

Thanks for the report.

Glad the relocation and accompanying health care are working for you.

--- End quote ---

Thanks!  It really is working well...  it'll be even better when my hubby moves here, too!


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