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Curascipt does it again.

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I've been forced like many to buy my meds from Curascipt by my insurance company. Four phone call this week to them to get my refills. Each time I was given a delivery date and low and behold nothing shows up at my door.

I've been on the phone with them for 1 hour and 15 minutes. On hold now waiting to speak to a supervisor. Grrr...

Usually things go pretty smooth but I have had a few problems in the past. This time it's unreal.

Their behavior in my opinion borders on neglect. Just needed to vent.

I hope my new Obamacare policy in January gives me better options but I'm not counting on it as it will still be the same insurance company. (Anthem) :(

The problem seems to be that Anthem used to allow a 90 day supply but now only allows a 30 supply. I'm thinking that Not sure why Curascipt is having so much trouble with this.

Tick tock tick tock.

OK. Just hung up after speaking to a supervisor after 1 hour 50 minutes. Still no guarantee. ::) I'm currently off my high blood pressure med due to an allergic reaction so if I have a heart attack tonight I hope you will all remember the good times we've had. lol.

Wishing you a fond farewell just in case. :)


I have to get my meds through Curascript. Have had issues a couple times. I usually keep about 15 days hidden as a safety margin. Last time, no meds, no meds, and was down to four days before the refill.

I've had good and bad experiences with mail order subscriptions.  I currently receive my through CVS Caremark and am totally happy.  I used to receive them through Pharmacare and it was guaranteed that I would need to call them every single month.  They never once got it right.

Best of luck mitchy.

After seeing the issues my best friend, who lives with us, goes through with his V.A. mail order meds, I wouldn't want to do it.  They are often late.  Others may have better experiences. 

Next month same nightmare. Called on Monday for my refills. Was told it would arrive Friday.

I asked when they would have a tracking number and she said to call Thursday. I called, No Tracking number. "Call again Friday morning" she said. I did. No tracking number. "Call again after 1PM" she said. I did. No tracking number. I'm on hold now for 45 minutes and counting waiting to find out what's up.  >:(

Accredo (which merged with Curascript) is horrible. You would think putting peoples lives at risk by their neglect should concern them but what do I know? ::)

Ok, just hung up. Meds not shipped. :( Since Monday, nobody processed my order through my insurance company. Really? Ugh!!!

To be continued...


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