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Just a quick wee question.Did anyone lose lots of weight re wasting then end up putting back on the weight and then some?

I had my first appt with the dietician today as im not liking feeling so heavy.Im not obsessed with being thin....its just that I feel so bloated and uncomfortable.
Im really prepared to try and lose some weight....even with Christmas coming up.
I just wondered how other people feel.....for me its probably. been lack of willpower, lack of sleep, too many carbs.Im definetly going to give this my all.


Miss Philicia:
Yes, I had wasting/involuntary loss of weight and was diagnosed for it not once but twice. Meaning that the first time I had it I gained it back, but then 2 years later lost it all again -- actually lost more than the first time. But then I eventually gained it all back and even went over the target weight by 5 lbs (but I am still in the medically defined appropriate weight for my height, just at the top end now).

I did see a dietician several times during those years which spanned from 2000-2005, and I was also receiving testosterone supplementation -- not because it was low but because it increased my appetite. I halted testosterone once I gained back enough weight.

Thanks for your reply MissPhilicia.Im sorry that you had to go through that experience.
It was really difficult at first to gain weight again and now I feel like I just want to lose the extra weight and just be at a normal range.



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