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You know something..?

As I grow older, I find myself filtering out the noises of life.  I would rather get a clear signal from those I interact with.  They can tell a good story.  Full of all the right things being said, but underneath it all, I can hear the saddness, the despiration and the lonelyness.  I am so greatful, early on. I found people honest enough to tell me the truth and share their experiences strength and hope.  That was right here, this  very room.  Saved my life?  Yup.  I know once I walk out this door, I have to listen and deal with the silence of denial, the silence of truth and thats not healthy for me.   I know now to beleive in myself and simply, to do the next right thing..   I am no poster boy, but boy I am a better guy dealing with my status AND LIVING LIFE more than I ever have been...  Thank you 



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