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Questions ... is this normal to switch meds so quickly?

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I live in a smaller town and we dont have alot of doctors with HIV experence. The doctor I see is the only doctor that really has experence in HIV care and has a number of HIV patients.

Before I started meds, I asked to have Genotype lab test ran to see what meds would be the best for me to start on. When the results came back the doctor and I went over them and made the choice to start Combivir & Viracept.

After a month on the meds I went in for lab work, once the CBC came back it showed that I was starting to develope anemia. My doctor then reviewed my genotype again and saw that I was resistant to viracept; we quickly stitched to Atripla.

After being on Atripla i got a rash, after a few days it became really bad and I had to go into the urgent care. The next day my doctor again switched my meds ... now I am taking Truvada, Reyataz & Norvir.

Is it normal to be switched between so many meds in less than 40 days?


Here is the data ... let me know what you think?

Date         CD4      VL       Comment
02/23/06      302      113,000

05/01/06      441      79,200

07/31/06      326      69,200   Started Night sweats   

08/18/06      283      39,300   Genotype test ordered

09/05/06                  Started Meds:
                     Combivir & Viracept

10/06/06      309      688      Low white blood cell ct
                     2.81 (norm 3.8 - 11.1)
                     + others showing anemia

10/11/06               Changed Meds Started: Atripla
                  Stop Combivir & Viracept

10/23/06               Extreme rash
                  Changed Meds Started:
                  Truvada, Reyataz & Norvir
                  Stop Combivir & Viracept


I know that this is freakin you out but relax!!! i switched med 4 times in an 18 month period.... I think that i found the one i like.... Dont worry!!! We have choices now ( well sometimes!! LOL) look in the mirror and tell your self how SPECIAL that you are!!!  Hang in there!!


My first combo lasted two and a half months.  It contained azt and I was sick as a dog.  Came off and started something else (think viracept) and was better.  So yea, it takes some playing around to get it right.

As long as you dont develop resiatance you should not worry. There is a combo for you.

Hello Damien,

When I started on meds in 2003, within two months I was switched from Zerit to Ziagen ( of which I am grateful) Shortly after that, the doctor wanted me on Trizivir. So, I tried that for 30 days, and was switched off that after 30 days, it was too difficult to work, and take that med, but I did give it my best shot.  Then of course when Epzicom became available, I switched from the separate doses of Epivir and Ziagen, because it made dosing easier.

Sometimes it takes a little work to get the right effective regemin, with the least amount of side effects.



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