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Another new development

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I was ordered to attend a meeting last week in Albuquerque. I had hoped my co-worker would attend for both of us.

Well, after the meeting, the CEO asked me to meet with her.

Seems the reason for my being there was to ask me to become the supervisor for the northwest region.


My first response was, "What is this going to entail?"

She said I was already doing most of it, but she wanted me at to oversee the operation and be the person who decides issues when they arise.


So, I am the new supervisor for an area that exceeds 10,000 square miles and have two people working under me, although, technically, we work more as a team than as supervisor-supervisee.

I did get a raise, which is nice.

So, something new in the mix.



Congrats Mark!
Well deserved! :)

Jeff G:
Congratulations mark . The first thing I thought was has lucky the people you serve in that is region is . It sounds like a win / win situation for all involved and served .

Miss Philicia:
Congrats, Mark -- you deserve this so much, and a raise is always delightful. I hope you go out tonight and celebrate.

It's possible I may be in Albuquerque in the spring and if so we surely must get together.

Congrats Mark!  Damn, I wish I worked for you. 

I do agree with Ms P, go out and live it up!


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