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For those Vets, enrolled in the VA healthcare system...

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Looks as though we can now, get a dental plan. I received this in my email today, I will have to look into this a little more, seeing that I will lose my dental plan through work at the end of the year,.. but this looks great, and looks affordable:

"WASHINGTON VA is partnering with Delta Dental and MetLife to allow eligible Veterans, plus family members receiving care under the Civilian Health and Medical Program (CHAMPVA), to purchase affordable dental insurance beginning Nov. 15, VA officials announced today.

PDF brochure:


That's good news.  We know dental health is connected to total health.  Hell, we are told to have our pet's teeth cleaned, saying it will extend their lives. 

I will let my best friend, who lives with us, know about this.  He is a veteran.  And, he needs it.  He hasn't been getting his cleaned and it shows. 

Thanks for that, Ray.  I have a few clients who are veteran's, I will have to ask them if they know about this.

Miss Philicia:
While I don't have clients like Bettina, I do have a handful of friends in my local LTS support group who access care through the VA (which, by the way, by all accounts provides very excellent HIV care here in Philadelphia). I'll be sure to mention this at our next meeting in a couple of weeks.

While I am enrolled in the VA - I haven't used it as I use the insurance I have from work and go to UM.... The VA only has the one hospital (which is near UM) - but no local clinics....

And, last time I was enrolled - a year later they disenrolled me, because based on my priority level for access, my income was over the limit....

I don't want to start getting care there and then the same thing occur all over again - so while I am enrolled - it is more as a "back-up" plan for me.

Good to know they are now providing dental care access. I have a DMO - dental plan through work, so I use that - We also have a dental clinic at the college for our dental hygiene students - so, I can go there to get cleanings should I choose - but there is usually a wait list for it - even for employees (and that is with 49 chairs available!).

The thought has occurred to go to VA though, at times, as I have heard that they give out the good meds   ;)


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