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I took an antihistamine and it makes me intense and angry.  I couldn't sleep last night, and I took it around 5pm.  Just curious if anyone else has experienced this.  I have sinus problems and have tried just about everything including a netti pot.  It is an aggravation. 

Miss Philicia:
Google "antihistamine side effects mood" and you will see that this is possible, though most people don't experience it.

Hi hcj90
Also have continuing sinus condition.  My latest bout has hung in there about 9 months.  I have tried the netti pot, Veramyst (RX nasal spray), long steam showers, long episodes of inhaling moisture through my nostrils in various ways.....and so on.
They are all good temporary fixes.  Perhaps others may have input. As of late the ordeal has turned me into Mr. Hyde.

Apologies hcj90 if you only wanted to talk about antihistamines, can start another post.

I regularly took antihistamines with no adverse reactions.  But, just like any drug, not everyone will experience the same affects.  Have you considered having nasal surgery?  I had it done 20+ years ago with horrid results and was hesitant to ever have it repeated.  I suffered for years before having it done again. 

Procedures must have improved as I had little discomfort with awesome results.  I can breathe correctly for the first time.  I use prescription Nasonex for the occasional flare up.  My doctor admonished against ever, ever using over the counter sprays.  They provide temporary relief, but are actually making the long term problem worse.

Best wishes

Miss Philicia:
Like wolftie I had nasal surgery as well, though mine wasn't for sinus issues it was for a deviated septum that was causing sleep apnea (septoplasty and turbinectomy were the procedures surgically). As surgeries go it was not a bad experience. I would look into seeing a ENT (ear/nose/throat specialist) if you want a long term solution.


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