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My very own lymphoma

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So sorry Buckmark

My heart sunk a little after reading - I'm truly so sorry.  Perhaps you and James can reach out to each other for mutual support.  He too recently had the port installed and started his chemo.

I'm definitely sending you both all the positive energy I can garner.  Feel free to reach out if you ever need an ear.

hugs and luv

Hey man!  Glad to see your post on here today.  My oncologist emphasized that especially during the early treatments, we should drink LOTs of water.  Those tumors are already being dissolved and as you may guess, the small particles are going to pass out of our body when we void.  LOTS of purified water will make it easier on our kidneys.... we need them for more fun stuff as you know.

I hope you are getting decent rest too.  Yes, we will kick the crap out of this and lets plan to have a victory dinner when we get together next summer at AMG!




Hi Henry,

Ugh. :(

I've been staring at this screen not knowing what to say.
Just know that I will be thinking of you during the coming months and I'm so sorry that you have to go through this muck.

I hope you will keep in touch here so we can route you on along the way.




I know you will kick some ass.  I am glad to hear the prognosis is good.  I have known a few with this.  One was a childhood friend.  Being HIV neg, the swollen nodes sent off immediate alarm bells.  He said they had checked for everything, including HIV, so that's how I know he was neg.  So, I do wonder how many poz folks, and their docs, would dismiss this as just HIV-related.  Good to be vigilant, without being obsessive.

Take care, rest, and we will wait for the all clear.  My friend just posted this week that he was getting his chemo port removed.  This surprised me and was educational.  He was given the "all clear" months ago.  I guess they wait and monitor for several months, in case he should need it again. 

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