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new numbers not as good as I wanted


So I started with 2 then 4 a month later then 40 a month after that now 2 months from 40 my cd4 is 54... I was thinking it would be like 100 since its been at least doubling all the other times and its been 2 months since then so that sucks. I have been taking my meds on time everytime. Is this a normal increase or slower than normal?

What did the doc say about it? Unfortunately, rebuilding t-cells from 0 can sometimes take a very time.  Keep your steel up - eventually you will get there.

From what I understand it can take a while sometimes. Mine is not increasing as fast as I wish it would. Mine started at 83 when I was diagnosed a year and a half ago. It climbed to 223 6 months later. That was in Oct 2012. I just got my numbers back from the blood draw in Oct this year and my cd 4's are still 223 a year later...
 Got a doctor visit thursday....
 But if you talk to some of the long term guys it took some of them a very long time to get their numbers up..hang in there. It will get better

Jeff G:
Im a LTS guy and its true ... the meds allow you get to undetectable on a fast track and then is a slow go for the CD4 count to climb . It took me almost 10 years to get above 500 , now I hover around 700 .

Steady wins the race when it comes to CD4 counts .   


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