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Hi Mini,
I don't put up a tree anymore, because it's only me here (and Poppy, and she might climb it).  I did, though, put out some decorations.  And lights outside, but not many.

I would like to see that movie Frozen.  It looks good, so based on your recommendation I'll try to see it over the upcoming holiday.  We get a week off work, which I'm looking forward to.

I've only eaten deer meat a few times, and it was cooked by Native Americans when I did eat it.  It was good the way they cooked it. I don't know how to cook it.  I also like buffalo meat.  It's tender, and no fat on it. 

So tell me what a Doxa Dance is?  I mean, what type of dance.  Do you wear costumes?

I can't really say if Tangled is better than Frozen. They are pretty evenly matched in awesomeness.

Scott, thank you for saying such nice things. I don't know what to say to people who say those kinds of things so I just say thank-you.

Mrs. Betty, I don't really plan on ever eating deer meat. We don't put up anything. Doixa means "glory" in Greek. We do wear costumes but it depends on the theme of the concert. This concert was called "Jesus, the Light of the World". It was about the Maccabees and Hanukkah and then about Jesus being the light of the world. This concert we wore silver then orange, yellow, and purple tie die. For our last dance, I wore a zoo keeper outfit. That was for our "We Are" dance. In the spring we will do Sukkot, the Feast oif Tabernacles. I don't know what I will be wearing. We won't know for a while.

My brothers' banquet went good my oldest brother won an award and was on the news. My other brother's birthday is Monday but we had his dinner yesterday. I'm doing good in school. I finished my 2nd / 3rd math book. What happened was that I like the color green. So I pulled out the book that was green and didn't pay attention that it was my 3rd book and not my second book. So now I have to go back and do my 2 ND book. When I finish it I will be done with math for the year.  Luckily i don't have to think too far ahead so I don't know what i'm doing this week. I am writing another book in the notebook that my brother gave me.


Hi Mini,
You like math?  My oldest granddaughter likes math.  I never did.  I'm not very good at math either. 

What did your brother get an award for?  That's wonderful. 

Do you have snow where you are?  We had a snow storm yesterday.  It snowed all night Friday night, and kept up until around 5:00 pm last evening.  I had to shovel twice!  Shoveling is not something I like doing.  I also went out for a short time yesterday, so I had to clear about 6 inches of snow off my car.  Snow is pretty to look at, but it sure makes a mess. 

Do you remember Poppy?  I got her a Christmas present.  It's these dried fish flakes, and a gift package from this place called Flint River Rock Company. That company makes dog and cat food and treats.  Anyway, I have a stocking for Poppy that I will put the present in and give to her either Christmas Eve or Christmas morning.

I think that's all the news I have for now.  Take care Ms. Mini!


Wow, had no idea it had been so long since the Wee One posted. She has been having quite a rough time of it. She is falling more frequently - 4 times in the past 10 days. It can take as long as 2 hours for her to regain use of her legs after an episode.

She continues to ask about everyone. We were looking forward to joining AMG in Chicago this fall, then realized tonight that it was the destination LAST year. Boy, am I ever lost!

Now that school is out and life has slowed a bit, Mim should  be back to posting soon.


Wow, so sorry to hear about Mim's recent falling.  That sucks, poor thing.  Please give her a squeeze from myself and Poppy and tell her we look forward to hearing from her again! 


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