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Hi Mini!

I too have heard so much about you. I'm so happy to see you join us! :)
Welcome!!! 8)

You have already inspired me more than you know.

Your first post here made me laugh. I especially liked your "real" bacon comment. Ha! I wear mix and match socks too sometimes but it's usually by accident. I'm sure you must be surrounded by beauty where you live. I grew up in cold *shiver* Minnesota but live in Connecticut now and have one dog. He is diabetic too but he doesn't let him slow him down too much.

I'm looking forward to reading your posts and hopefully one day we will meet. :)


Wow Min! I CANNOT BELIEVE how grown you are now :D

Such a wonderful young lady you are. I still remember you singing us a little song at the Boston Memorial and you had the voice of an angel ;)

Do you still have your little autograph book>? I signed it remember? Hold on to my autograph because some day it will be worth millions of dollars when I am famous  :P



Hi again Mini!

I just thought I would share a picture of our dog Oliver with you.

He is a "Mini" Schnauzer. What kind of dogs do you have? Names?


Hello Mini!

I never worked in a zoo; but my boy friend and I used to own a pet store up in Ohio. Some days it was like working in tiny zoo with tarantulas, coatimundis (a kind of South American raccoon), hamsters, parrots, and all sorts of fish. Even after we closed up our pet store, our house was still sort of a like a zoo because we had 1 parrot, 1 cockatiel, 7 (yes SEVEN) cocker spaniels, and 1 cat. Come to think of it even now, when it's been years later and I'm living back at my Mom's house it's still like a zoo because living there is my Mom and me, my 2 dogs, and Mom's 4 dogs!

Your mom has done a great job telling us about you and keeping us up to date on what's been going on with you for a long time. I have enjoyed "talking" (well, writing on the internet) with your Mom about what books she, I and my Mom have all read. Come to find out, we have all read a lot of the some books. ;)

I look forward to hearing more from you!


Betty - I remember the picture you sent of Poppy in your slipper that you sent me.  Good job on your cheating - you gotta be free sometime (just not too free).

Mr. Jeff - Congrats on your cheating too, but next time do it up right and go for a LARGE. Thank you for inviting me to the site of the web.

Mr. Ted - I don't like fractions, either, so sometimes I use a fraction calculator.  The only time I don't use it is when there's no fractions.  Then, I only use a regular one.
What kinds of dogs do you have and what are their names?  Our dogs are named Ava and Henry.  They are Chinese Cresteds.  They can be overly happy, lazy, and mean when you try to take away Henry's treat and Ava gets angry if you mess up her naps.

Mr. Mitch - Oliver is very cute.  Our woods very nice. There are lots of places to sit and think, like rocks.  We have one rock that is a hotel for bugs.  Our dogs' full names are Ava Camille Rose and Henry Melchizadec Valentino Quasimoto VIII.

Willy - I bet you will be famous one day, but so will I.  So, if you want me to send you my autograph, I will then we'll see whose is worth more faster.

Mr. Michael - I would love to see some of your animals sometime.  They seem very interesting.  I've read all about some of them.  Your house does sound like a zoo - all you need are big cats and marine animals and there you go.

My friend's mom is a vet and I got to watch her do surgery on a cat.  She took like a blue napkin and put it around the cat and told us not to touch it.  Then she just cut it open. She was fixing it so it wouldn't have babies. Then she stitched it up.  After, she put some things around the cat's paws.  When the cat was asleep, her tongue was hanging out with one eye closed and one eye opened.  It looked insane!

 I like to read fairytale books, books about animal facts, interesting books like science and stuff, and Diary of a Whimpy Kid and Dork Diaries.

Thank you for writing back and hope you write back again.



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