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Hello, my name is Mini.  I am 13 years old and in the 8th grade. I have 5 siblings and 2 dogs.  I live in West Virginia on a mountain in the woods.  There are lots of things that I like to do: playing outside, walking my dogs, reading, drawing, going to the doctor, watching TV, playing and talking with my friends, going to dance class, wearing mix match socks, and writing stories and poems. I hope to become a zoologist or a zoo keeper. In school I like my Mindbenders, science, and history.  I can't stand math, grammar, or Building Thinking Skills. 

I LOVE to eat!  Some of my favorite foods are pizza, hamburgers, mac-n-cheese, bacon (from a pig NOT a turkey!), cake, brownies, and ice cream.  I'm supposed to eat only sugar-free because I have diabetes, but sometimes I cheat.  My doctor said not to eat bacon and hamburgers because I have high cholesterol from my meds, but I cheat on those all the time.  Well, the hamburgers, not the bacon.  The bacon only sometimes.

Besides HIV and diabetes, I have dystonia and neuropathy and dyslexia and some other stuff I can't remember right now.  Sometimes my legs stop working and I fall, but that depends if I'm standing up or not.

I'm on 2 meds right now called Epzicom and Kaletra.

Later on,  maybe I can share my poems and my pictures.  Tell me a little bit about yourselves and what you like to do.  It would be nice to meet some of the new people here.


Miss Mini!

Do you remember me and Poppy, my cat?  I sent you a picture of Poppy quite a while ago, and have a picture of you and your siblings that your mom sent me a long time ago.  I still have it in my wallet!

I have diabetes and neuropathy also, and they can be difficult to live with.  But I cheat also, with sweets sometimes, and chips, burgers and stuff like that, a lot! It's hard not to. 

I'm sure you will achieve whatever it is you want to achieve.  You are one of the bravest young ladies I know and I'm so glad you're a member now!  Hope to interact with you more!

Betty (and Poppy)

Jeff G:
Hi Mini . I'm Jeff and I'm very excited you have decided to join us . We have never met but I have hard many wonderful things about you . I have diabetes and neuropathy too and do the best I can living with it . I also cheat sometime , last night I had a milk shake from McDonald's but I did only have a small one .

One of the many reasons I'm glad you are here with is because you are so brave and you will inspire us all to be the best we can be , just like you do every day . Thanks again for joining our group .
Hugs , Jeff .


I've heard so much about you, and now I am glad to get to say hello.  You and I have many things in common.  I like all those foods and I like them too  I do not like math either.  It was my worst subject.  Stay with it, though.  I always wondered when I would ever use it.  But, knowing how to determine whether you are getting a bad deal on a car is good to know.  You will be driving in a few years.  When people start talking fractions, my mind just goes fuzzy.  Stick with it.  You really do use more than ya think you will. 

I have 2 dogs, as well.  I know everyone would love to see your dogs and your poems.  I see you also want to work with animals.  I always say anyone who loves animals is the best kind of person.  Animals need someone looking out for them. 

Great meeting you and I hope to hear more from you.



Welcome. How great to see you've come aboard. Your mom did such a thoughtful and nice job of acquainting us with you.

There is something rather magical about having the maximum mini signing in!!

You've come of forum age I suppose.

Best to you.


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