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Is serosorting effective in reducing the risk of HIV-infection among MSM?


Is serosorting effective in reducing the risk of HIV-infection among men who have sex with men with casual sex partners?

"The protective effect for serosorting we found was not statistically significant. Consistent condom use was found to be most protective against HIV infection. Larger studies are needed to demonstrate whether serosorting with CPs offers sufficient protection against HIV-infection, and if not, why it fails to do so."

Me: Unless I'm missing something, it's intuitively clear why serosorting "fails to offer sufficient protection against HIV-infection". Quite simply, lots of positive people don't know that they're positive. No amount of serosorting will protect someone who trusts every (forgive the phrase) "i'm clean" Grindr profile. Many of those guys are either ignorant of their own status or are simply lying.

I think a more interesting question would be about the results of serosorting among those of us who are already positive. What impact is that having on transmission rates (intuition says it's helpful since we steer clear of negative guys) and what impact is it having on our health (intuition says it's probably not good, but I can't put my finger on why exactly beyond the increased risk of other STIs)?

Yeah you got that right. Duh.  Reminds me of one of the comments someone here made to the recent researcher who posted the questionnaire on stigma. We took it and a number of us thought, in the words of Peggy Lee - Is that all there is?

Someone said "Get real".


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