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1st labs tomorrow

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Hey guys...

I've been hanging around these forums since I was first diagnosed as positive back at the end of April and been so amazed at the support and the friendly faces here. It has really helped me through a lot of tough times. I've spent the past few weeks learning how to 'be' with this virus and tomorrow is the next step. I get my first labs tomorrow and am really scared.

I'm healthy and have no strange symptoms. What should I expect?


Howdy Scott and Welcome!

Glad you've joined in. It is a great place to be.

One of the first things I would do is take a look at the lessons here. They give a good explanation of what you can expect from your first labs.

I realize this is an anxious time for you, but please try not to sweat the first set of numbers. What the doc and you should be watching for is a trend set by repeated tests. This will show where you are and where you may be going.

If you are recently infected, the initial numbers could show a high viral load and a low CD4. This is often the case because your body is still initializing its fight against the virus. It may take several tests to show that your system has settled down and give you a better idea of where things stand.

So, try not to sweat the first labs and take it a day at a time. I know that sounds trite and easier to say than do. I have been through this, as have we all, so I know how you feel.

Just hang in there and let us know how things go. Remember we are here to help and support you in any way we can.




Do not be afraid to ask for a pad and paper to take notes. Ask for a copy of your labs so you can keep track of your numbers down the road. The lessons page is a great tool. Your numbers will take a huge dive at first and then jump back up to normal after 3-6 months. I was freaking out when I got my first results back and my numbers were below 400, but in 6 months they were above 600. Your numbers are going to move at first.
There are no guarantees in life. I recently lost a coworker who was healthy as a horse and got a freak infection. He was not positive but it was a good reminder for me that I only have today so make the most of this day. Keep that chin up, a "positive" attitude and let us know what happens. Take it one day at a time because that is really all we have.
You have a cowboy praying for you tonight in Oklahoma.

Okie Cowboy Guy

Wow, I'm either getting old or forgetful (probably both).

What Cowboy Poz said about the notepad for your questions and a copy of your labs for your records. I have been doing this since 1992 and there have been times when it has been a life saver.

HUGS (again),


Hi Scott, luckily these days there are lots of procedures that can help you manage HIV. All these labs are important to know where you stand with the bug. Your ID doc will procede with treatment according to all the numbers that we are lucky enough to have available. Don't stress out too much, it will only do harm.

Get well informed, make sure to will keep up all your appointments. Many of us here are coming from different places with HIV, so fire any questions you might have. Welcome to the forum and looking forward to read your updates....never feel alone :).

take care,



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