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I may be engaging in intercourse with a guy I've known for years.  He knows that I am positive but we are both nervous.  I am currently not taking meds but my VL is 52 (last month).  Obviously we will use a condom but my Dr has advised that oral sex is no longer safe.  My question is:  Are condoms safe?  I do not want him to get the virus. 


Yes if you use condoms (from start to finish) he should be safe. 

jd, I was with an hiv negative man for eight years and we had plenty of oral sex - both ways - and he remained hiv negative. I wasn't on meds back then and my VL was always somewhere between around 7,000 and 30,000.

Not one person has ever been infected through receiving a blowjob, and not one person has ever been infected through giving a woman oral sex.

There have been three long-term studies of couples where one is positive and one is negative. In the couples who used condoms for anal or vaginal intercourse, but no barrier for oral activities, not one of the negative partners became infected with hiv. Not one.

All you need to do is have him wear a condom for anal or vaginal intercourse. You don't need any barrier for oral.

Good luck with the relationship and have fun! :)


Did your Dr. give any explanation of why he said oral sex is no longer safe? This is the first time I have heard such news. I would be interested in knowing why he made that statement.


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