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being around sick people?

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Ok so I got the flu shot and I wonder am I ok to be around people with the flu? I was in a small room with a kid who was coughing and had a runny nose and it was worrying me alittle bit. Also what about being around people with the common cold? Is there any illnesses I really need to avoid people with? My cd4 was 40 last time they checked 2 months ago

Hello tee,

I would advise you to not get too caught up in this thinking, especially if you live in a Urban area. Just keep to the usual precautions , observe good hygiene , trying to protect yourself from colds ,bugs is impossible. If someone has an illness that is dangerous to others they will take the precautions needed. There is not much you can do about people who don,t know or care.

As a footnote I remember the hysteria around Aids in the 80,s could you catch it from blahblah , I am not saying that you are copying this , but as well as protecting ourselves and others compassion for those who are ill must never be lost .,

You have had the flu shot , now concentrate on making those t cells Grow
Best wishes

Hi 2tcells

My cd4 is 90, and I got the flu shot too, and I have the same feeling like you, when I meet sick people I try to stay away from them, I'm trying not to be hysterical about it, but sometimes it is difficult not to think about it.

So what I do is that I wash my hands often specially when I'm taking public transportation or in public places, and I avoid to keeps my fingers from my ears, eyes an nose. Does it work? I don't know, but then I feel I did the best I could, but maybe Theyer is right!


Its hard to not think about it last time I was around a sick person I ended up being sick for 2 months until I ended up in the hospital. But I guess we will see what happens this time since im on meds now. That kid must not have had the flu because my youngest kid had the flu shot and is now this morning sick with the same symptoms.  So I cant avoid it I will probably get whatever cold it is. Just hope it dosnt get me more sick than a healthy person

Doctor just told me to wear a mask and I wont die if I get it ill just be extra sick


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