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Homeopathy !!??

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Dear Mecch & Jeff
Dont worry I am not looking for an alternative treatment. I will go with the meds, my doc will priscribe after the resistance test results. I am not on pills yet, when ı will, be sure I will be following the regimen strictly about the taking them.
--- Quote from: mecch on November 09, 2013, 05:14:27 PM ---Please don't think there is any way to fight the virus with any sort of supplementation, diet, lifestyle, etc.  Most of this is pretty much set depending on your immunity - your genetics in other words.
I assume you didnt start treatment yet? 

--- End quote ---
Also its the going down the wrong path to have a mind set to be afraid of the time you need to start meds.  Or to anticipate side effects before they happen (because you might never have the ones you worry about before hand!)  The time is the time, as recommended by a doctor and in combination of your decision to start. So start coming to terms with that. [/quote]
I was right about to get into this trap... may be I should stop reading about the side effects. 
And telling you again, I am nott looking for alternatives, just want to know :))
Thanks guys

couldnt manage the insert Quote :)


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