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Homeopathy !!??

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Hey guys,
any one who tried homeopathy as a support?
Or is it a good idea to use  such homeopathic suppliments(they call it meds)?
Any help and answer will be highly appreciated!

Are you referring to the precise system Homeopathy, created by Samuel Hahnemann, with the little white pills?

It is popular in Switzerland and every pharmacy carries the basics and some pharmacies have the full range.  It is covered by insurance sometimes. It is considered  "pseudo-science".

I use it sometimes. Its not a problem for my medicine provided by my real doctors. Homeopathy contains just an "essence".  Yeah repeat its pseudo-science but some of the popular remedies seem to have the required effect.


If you are not talking about "Homeopathy" but mean rather all "holistic" or "alternative" medicine, please be specific.


As a support for what?? 

The treatment for HIV is HAART. 

The treatment for my hay fever is an antihistamine prescribed by my doctor.  But the antihistamine doesn't stop the roof of my mouth from itching and there is one of those little white pills that does.  Another little pill I like is "rescue remedy".

So if you are referring to homeopathy and can afford the probably wasted money (because maybe it is a big joke) and will use it to "support" a little ache or cold or something, why not.  You have to be a bit of a believer.

Hey Mecch
absolutely the little white pills looking like fish food, the remedies!
As a support for immune sytem even a bit while fighting with the virus, for a little more energy, feeling better a little bit more...I dont know! I dont know what will I face when I start on meds, may be a little help for handling the possible side efects if there will be...I really dont know, just trying to learn and feeling thankful to get an answer for every question I shoot!

Please don't think there is any way to fight the virus with any sort of supplementation, diet, lifestyle, etc.  Most of this is pretty much set depending on your immunity - your genetics in other words.
I assume you didnt start treatment yet? 

So, do not believe you can do all that much about how long before your need treatment.  I guess maybe Olympian attention to body and mind and spirit MIGHT mean for someone a little more time. Might. Might not. What is proven is that HAART fights HIV completely effectively and thats it.

Also its the going down the wrong path to have a mind set to be afraid of the time you need to start meds.  Or to anticipate side effects before they happen (because you might never have the ones you worry about before hand!)  The time is the time, as recommended by a doctor and in combination of your decision to start. So start coming to terms with that.

If all that is in order, than I think - sure, why not use Homeopathy -- if you have already found it useful and you buy into the system.  Do you have experience with it?  Just if you use it, or any other sort of alternative treatment or whatnot, ideally have an ID who is open to hearing about all the stuff you do to stay healthy.

The first year I was HIV+ i used a lot of vitamins and supplement such as anti-oxidants, etc etc.  Well my second ID doc told me point blank to quit with the anti-oxidants and a few other things because he said it could be damaging and actually cause the problems people think it helps correct or prevent.  On the other hand, he's all in about some esoterica... 

Jeff G:
I agree with Mecch . A well balanced meals and the appropriate amount of rest and exercise and a multivitamin will do you better than any supplements I am aware of .

If there was a supplement available that was specifically proven to be of any significant benefit for people living with HIV we would all be on it and the whole world would be talking about it , no such thing exist .

HAART is the key to life for those that need it .


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