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AMG 2014: San Diego Time of Year Thread and Thoughts on Hotels

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San Diego has been selected by the majority of member votes to be the host city for AMG 2014. If there is a time of year that people would like us to look at for holding the event please post it in this thread. We know that some people have vacation time at certain times of the year and other factors that play into the time that the event is held...

So, that said, let's take until November 15th to express when you would like to see AMG 2014 held ---- specific months, weeks, dates, etc.

If you have suggestions for hotels this is the place to put those also... We will also see if Dennis can work his magic in finding/negotiating hotel rates...

I have never been to San Diego - so, if others have thoughts on ideal hotel locations (that will also be affordable), please feel free to post them here.

San Diego ---- Here we come!

Welcome to San Diego, Aug and Sept have the best weather!
Lots of Hotels in SD. the big urban hotels mostly are near the convention center along the bay, great views, lots of night life at the Gaslamp which is within walking distance. Mission Valley also has a lot of hotels, not much within walking distance but they have more of a resort feel. There are also some resort style hotels near Mission Bay if you would like more of a beach experience. Speaking of beaches, for those worried about Willie W in a speedo or Aztecan tasteful board shorts, there is the world famous Black's Beach where you won't need to see any of that nasty material ;)


Sometime in August might be best, because there are some folks in school (not me, but others) who find it hard to travel in September.

I have no particular date in mind, but thought I would throw that out.



Classes will start for me sometime mid-August, most likely around the 16th.  Any time before then works best for me but I already decided that since I can drive to this AMG as opposed to flying I will not be missing it, school or no school.  Besides Wumpster is bringing his speedo...nothing else needs to be said.  ;)

The prevailing consensus over the years with the ones who have faithfully attended the AMG is to look at either late July or early August.  The good news is there is no such thing as a "bad" time to be in San Diego!  It might be a good idea if people wanting to attend and reading this thread could post a date (typically a Monday or Tuesday) that AMG would need to END to accommodate their schedule (especially those with "school" schedules.)  Usually AMG starts with early arrivals on Wednesday (some of us just can't get enough!) a travel day of Thursday for most, an evening event on Friday, a memorial service on Saturday or Sunday, plenty of time for structured and unstructured events, departures beginning Monday.  I think having the needed "ending date" may help us come up with a date that will work for most, or even better all, of us wishing to attend.



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