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Hi everyone.  Hope You are doing good.  My Friend and i are wanting to relocate.  His job is getting to Him as a financial  controller. For the western United states.  He would like to downsize some.  He is long term too and the stress is hard on Him.
Do'any of You have any suggestions?   We would like to'fish and camp'on weekends.' He would like'to'find a job as a assistant cotroller. Which states are the most excepting of Aids..  He is very confident but has the look.  Thanks you

Hello RWR,
I guess you know about CA, quite a few health clinics, a high max income limit allowed for ADAP. If you are going to leave the CA area, for God sakes, go to a Blue state. MA & NY have lots of health care & high income limits for ADAP(it's called HDAP in MA). MA has more available health care because they've had a state health insurance plan for several years and most facilities have adjusted to taking lousy insurance along with the good insurance.
As long as you don't live in downtown NYC or Boston, camping & fishing won't be too far away. I live at the tip of Cape Cod, Provincetown, MA. Jobs are limited here but health care is great. Everyone goes to a Non-profit healthcare clinic, not just the poor people. Let me know if you have any questions.
Hugs, Deibster

Hey RWR,

I know New Mexico has a pretty good record for assisting us pozzies, but I don't know how the job market would be for your partner.

I would suggest checking out a number locations that may interest you. I would see whether they have a residency requirement that might prevent new arrivals from accessing services.

Also check on the eligibility requirements for the various ASOs and you may want to check out what type of medical care is available. Some more rural areas have limited availability.

Just a few just in cases.




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