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Thank you so much for this thread.  I have been paying copays for my meds for the past five years.  My copays for Stribild are currently $90 a month, but I've paid up to $120 a month when I was on other medications..  I checked out the copay program and it was so easy to sign up.  I can't believe my neither my doctors nor my pharmacists mentioned this to me. 

Isn't it frustrating not to have known? Funny thing is there are pharmacists, social workers and doctors all along the chain of care who are not helping people know this is available. They're supposed to be in the know and passing the know on.

Tell anyone who might benefit including the aforementioned.

I just found out about this assistance a few days ago. I am in the process of getting forms filled out by my Dr and Pharmacist. I hope it is as easy as it sounds.

It is as easy as it sounds.  You just need to call:

I got my card within a week about one year ago and have not paid a co-pay since.

We're Sorry

Unfortunately, you are not eligible at this time. Based on the information that you provided, you do not meet the eligibility requirements for this offer. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a representative, please call 1-888-281-8981.

thanks anyway


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