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I found out just recently that there is Co-Pay Assistance for the Meds I take(Reyataz, Norvir and Truvada) and probably for others.  You can get the information by googling your med or drug manufacturer's name and  co-pay assistance.    Unfortunately my doctor never told me about this from the start of my taking meds so much money was spent unnecessarily.   The Co-pay can be handled as a reimbursement to you if you use an on-line mail order pharmacy (they will not take the co-pay assistance directly) or if you go to the drug store, they should be able to take the copay assistance information and save you the step of reimbursement. 

As many times as this has been posted here it never hurts to keep bringing it up. No one on my medical team, including the team's pharmacist told me or other insured's of co-pay assistance. I learned it on this site!

Talk about leaving money on the table! The pharmaceutical companies offer this fantastic program and providers don't even mention it to patients.

Thanks for posting this. It's easy to sign up and a gesture from Pharma for which I am most grateful.

Spent so much money on co-pays unnecessarily.  Mentioned to my ID Doctor on the last appointment that he should mention this to new patients

Yeah I found out through my own research.

Compilers and Stribild have Co-pay assistance programs that are very easy to get. Takes away my $40 co-pay which gives me money for my medical bills. I encourage everyone if your not on ANY government programs (Medicaid, Medicare, VA benefits) go do your research.

At the ASO I work at, we often have co-pay assistance cards we give to people.  So, people could also check this option out.


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