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First Labs on Atripla


Hi POZ members,

Today I got my first lab work after starting Atripla late August of this year. My CD4 count is up from 208 to 359, my CD4 % is up to 33% from 25%. I know that I was infected late June and tested positive for HIV July. My viral load has decreased tremendously, it stood tall at 29,111 copies now it is down to 71 copies. Planning to be undetectable by my next doctor visit.  Am I experiencing this from the early detection and meds ? Do people with HIV normally have such high percentages? I read online that HIV-infected usually have percentages lower then 25%, it would be great to hear from others that can elaborate on this subject and give a estimate of your first lab results.

I think you will find that folks will be all over the place as far as their % goes after starting therapy.  The reality is that what I or someone else had for a lab result is unimportant to your situation.  You seem to have had a great response to meds and THAT is what you should focus on right now.
Since you asked, I will share my results from back in 2005/2006.  I was at 288 & 18% when I started.  2 months later, it was 521 & 28%.

The first thing you need to do in your life with HIV is to focus on the important things and let the unimportant go on by.  The results of others fall, IMO, in the unimportant bucket.  Now if you are having a problem and want to know what others DID, that is a different story, but each person's lab results are theirs and are impacted by many things. 

Oh -- welcome to these forums -- sorry that you have to be here, but know there is much support from this group of wonderful folks.

Good Luck,

Great response on Atripla. I am taking it also. No doubt you'll be UD by next testing.

My first labs were CD4 = 324 and Viral Load = 119,530 on 6/14/13, I started Atripla on 8/20/13 and the next labs on 11/4/13 were CD4 = 751 and Viral Load of 36 (undetectable)!!!!!  Amazing!!  All side effects have worn off now as well.


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