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Wolfie, so sorry about your injury.  Get it checked out anyway just to be certain.  I am fearful of bike riding now even though I always enjoyed it.  Best of luck with your new acquaintance.  Hugs.

Jody :)


Hope you are right about your injury not being serious but I would have a doc at least make that call after an examination.

Happy dating! :)


Really enjoyed chatting with you today buddy!  Please know that my best energy is being channeled your way. 

OUCH!!!  I cant imagine how it must feel to have that type of injury to the collar and ribs.  Each breath is a reminder.  Treat yourself well over the next few weeks as best you can.  Stay away from that snow shovel next week too!!!

Keep us posted!


I cycled for 20 years in London and the only hurtful accident I had was deep in the New Forest.

I reckon that having restrictions on who you you date is er restrictive so fancying outside you usual box can be nothing but good.

Are you living in your house yet?

Sounds like live is good  W
best wishes

Greg   no  more  excuses.   go to the  DR  get that  checked out... ribs, collar  bone  or  anything else  needs to be  properly examined.....   as you know  DRs,  (former)nurses  etc  are  lousy  patients  but you need to get profesional  info



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