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Thanks all.  I'm convinced I'm just bumped up with nothing broken.  Each day the pain is lessening and is getting better.  I have to see my doctor next week anyways.  Flu shot, med change etc...  I guess my bone medication is making me strong again.   ;D  I've always been accident prone and rarely broke anything in the distant past.  Perhaps I'm there again.

I think I have another bone density test @ 6 months but am not sure.  That'll be another question to ask.  Hopefully, I won't need to take Boniva for the rest of my life?  Not sarcasm, but rather that this med messes with me each time I take it.  I have to plan on not doing anything for a couple of days during the monthly scheduled dose. 

And yeah, middle aged dating while HIV positive in a Midwestern rural area is certainly challenging.  I'm kinda suspecting he might be poz also as we have discussed the friends we've lost to this virus early on.  Plus, he hasn't pressured me for intimacy other than non risk things.  Perhaps he's also worried about disclosing?  Either way, I'm hoping for the best but prepared for the best.  I've been rejected once after disclosing, and it devastated me.  But it also taught me to be ok with rejection.


I hope the new guy works out.  :)

OK, I need some honest opinions to see if I'm shallow and judgmental.  Wil invited me to attend a show this weekend.  He then indicated he was performing in a drag show.  I'm glad this was over the phone as my reaction would have been a definite tell.

I'm not cutting on anyone who prefers doing this, but I just am not "into" it nor sure if I could see myself in a relationship with someone who does.  I would almost consider it a deal breaker.

Since he and I have recently started dating, would it wrong to tell him how I feel or perhaps just break off any continued hope of a relationship? 

Now this is a real DRAG man!  I had a similar situation years ago and basically just expressed how it was not my thing.  The person I was interested in was not offended in any way but honestly, I know exactly what you are saying.  For me, I am into masculinity and that entire scene puts a damper on what I consider to be the 'real man' image. 

This friendship may not develop into a romantic relationship but never shut the door on a developing platonic friendship.  There may be a better chance for that based on my read here.  Good luck!


Jeff G:
Just be honest and don't skirt the issue .


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