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The medications he is on are older.

The NRTI combo of Zidovudine and Lamivudine is an older combo. It is routinely prescribed in limited resource countries and it is not prescribed very much anymore in resource rich countries which usually prescribe Truvada.  The Zidovudine (AZT) does have a higher chance of causing side effects and lipodystrophy than the medications in Truvada.

Efavirenz (Sustiva) is a very effective medication.  It is VERY strong and powerful.  It can cause some side effects, especially the first few weeks you take it but they do settle down after a few weeks.   It is still prescribed somewhat in the US but the past few years they have started to prescribe it less as newer medications with less side effects have come out.

Thanks all.  From what I can gather there are only two treatment options provided here.  The one they are starting my partner on and one other that they put you on if this treatment doesn't work or if you become resistant to it.

He had a lecture yesterday about nutrition and hygiene. Rather depressingly long list of donts!  And apparently our cat has to go so If anyone is in South America and wants a beautiful and well trained cat let me know!

Frankly it sounds like a bunch of old hat ideas.
I really doubt your cat has to go.
We could be curious to see the list of don'ts if you care to post it.
Are you willing to say what country this is?

I think that I would get rid of the doctor and look for a new one before the cat went.  >:(

I would look long and hard at the reasoning behind getting rid of the cats, too.

We have two and none of my doctors ever mentioned pets in their do's and don't's lists concerning HIV.

I'd also question the dietary restrictions. Unless the meds the doc has prescribed are widely known to have food interactions, I'd have to wonder, like others, if your doc is using very outdated methodology.

It's good to ask questions. In fact, get used to it and question anything that sounds odd in any way. A good doc can point you toward the research or bolster their opinion with the data -and its relevancy to their diagnosis. A less-than-stellar doc will usually inhibit your attempts to better understand. If your doc can't handle scrutiny, it's a good sign you need to be talking to a different doc.


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