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I wouldn't think the cat would have to go - however, if CD4 counts are low (under 200), it is advisable to use gloves when changing the litter box and a mask so as to not inhale any particles while changing it... He will also want to wash hands frequently when handling the cat. Cats carry a parasite - toxoplasmosis - which people with very compromised immune systems can contract. This was one of the conditions that my brother had - he had a cat and didn't follow the above protocols when handling the cat and changing litter.

Other than the above, should be no reason to get rid of the cat...

I also have AZT/3TC but with NVP instead of Efavirens. My CD4 was 200 when i start. It has been 3 months now. Although i dont feel any side effect my blood test said that i got anemia, so probably gonna drop the AZT to tenofovir.

My advice is to keep your partner white and red blood check regularly, especially in the first months. Since AZT can cause anemia. Hit badly in some people.

And i think that vitamin C and vitamin E would be nice to lessen the side-effect of AZT. (Link below)‎

I dont know how much is effective. Too much of Vitamin C and E is not good either.
Probably 400-800 ie of Vit E and 1000 mg of Vit C daily is enough to lower the side effect of 600 mg AZT/day.


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