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Two of Our Past Gathering Spots

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I guess I don't know which forum this belongs in, but next week I'm going to be in two of our past Gathering cities on the same day!

Wednesday night after work I'm flying to Boston to do so more bloodletting for the LTNP study at the Ragon Institute. I get in at 11ish local time, do a lab draw at 10am the next morning, then a leukapheresis at noon, and then I'll have 4 hours to kill before I fly to Las Vegas to meet Santi. We are going to visit my good friend Abbey whom we haven't seen in over 2 years. We got a good deal at the old Rat Pack-era Riviera (hoped they changed the sheets!)

Since I needed to go to Boston, and they are willing to fly me to a different destination than my departure city, and since we do not want to be trapped in our neighborhood by the American Grand Prix like we were last year, it's a perfect getaway. And my first two flights are on Jet Blue, so I shall take advantage of their TVs, or maybe their music channels + free sleep mask. Or maybe I'll just arrive bloodless and pissed, and ready to roll. Vegas, baby!

But no jumping off perfectly good buildings, this time. Saving that for our next outing with anniebc  ;)

I can't believe you are going to Vegas without me, but I still hope you have a good time, please say hi to Abby for me, I also hope you have a good babysitter for Ted, he hates being on his own  ;)


Jan :-*

Say hi to Vegas for me!  I am returning there on Dec. 15 for four is a good time to visit the Strip because the crowds are down and all the Christmas decorations are up. 

Enjoy Boston too! 


I just found out a good friend from high school is in Vegas and works at the Tropicana. We're going to hunt her down, too. It's going to be great to go there and yet again meet up with old friends. I only wish you all were coming as well!

Anybody recognize this???

It's "our" booth from the bar at the Stratosphere. I took this pic when I re-visited it last year :)

You and Santi need to stop by and visit it! You too Gary!

Yall have fun!!  ;D


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