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How often do you do labs?

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I guess to me it seems the doc wants labs/checkup every 3 months. I was wondering if, as time goes by, four months or even every six months might be just as good (if one is/has been doing well on meds, that is)?

AT first I wanted labs done every month and waiting for three months to pass, to see how I was doing (those figures), was a long wait.
Now, been over a year, it seems every three months might be too often, unless an issue comes up. Would be nice too, to cut down on the frequency of those co-pays.

Actually, if one got labs and all was stable, I dont see the reason to even see the doc in that case, after the labs.
Its like , doc:"how ya doin? me: fine, great. doc: labs are great too. me: glad of that. Doc: pay on the way out (I want to spend the holidays in Fiji).
Well, the Fiji part I made up... But you get my point..? ;D

Hey Randy,

I am still once every three months for tests. There are times I feel, when I would like them done a little more often, but the doctor at this time, doesn't think that is neccessary.
I think with the medication that I am on, a three month blood test is probably required, especially for liver function, and I doubt it will ever go beyond that.

Take care----Ray

With the infection under control by meds, usually every 4 months. With high viral loads, more frecuently.

Miss Philicia:
Har... I've pretty much had them every month or at least every 2 months for 13 years.  In fact it's been a rarity that I ever have a month where I don't go to the doctor.  It all depends on too many factors per person.

I think I'm finally at a point where I'll be going less, but it's taken a long, long time to get here.

Hey Randy,

I did the every-three-month test for about 11 years. The doc then switched me to every six months, because I was very stable, had high CD4s and an undetectable viral load since 1996.

There are times I had them more often, but so far it is working OK.

It all depends on how things are going and is pretty individual. Every three months isn't bad, though.




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