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Moving to NYC


Hi guys,

I found out today that my company is offering me the opportunity to move to NYC and work from the US office. This is such an awesome opportunity which really would be a dream come true, however being HIV+ it's not that easy and will take a lot of thought.

My main concern obviously is my meds. Here in Sydney I get them at a cost of $80 a month and I could potentially bring 6 months with me (possibly a little more) but after that I'd be screwed.

Being a non-citizen (and just on a temp work visa) I wouldn't qualify for any of the benefits or programmes etc (which totally makes sense!) but I was wondering if there would be any other option open to me that would help me get meds while living there? I know my company has health insurance there... How likely is it that that would cover the cost or at least some of it? I just have no idea.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Jeff G:
If your employer offers insurance you will have some prescription drug coverage I would think . Hopefully another member or moderator of this forum will have more specific information . 

I would suggest you look at the website for the insurance company your employer uses and see if that sheds any light . If you are out about your HIV status with your employer you can call human resources manager and inquire as well .

You question is an interesting one that would have a far different answer if you asked it two months ago . The states are in the beginning stages of a new health care reform and we are all still struggling to understand the new laws . The answer would be you are out of luck a few months ago but I do think that's changed now .

Welcome to the forum !     

JR Gabbard:
Hi Aussie,
If your company has insurance here, you should be OK.  Just make sure your coverage is in place before you leave.  If your insurance is part of your employee benefits package, it may well travel with you so no worries.  If you have national healthcare, that may be why your company has a health plan over here.
That health plan would have to cover prescription meds.   Details will vary according to the policy, so your best source of information on that is the HR department.  Ask about medication co-pays, and about the tier structure.  Most HIV meds are in the "Specialty" tier, so that will give you an idea of your potential out-of-pocket costs.
I'm not sure, however, whether an American pharmacy can fill a prescription from an Australian physician (I suspect they can't).  So definitely bring as much of your meds as possible, at least 3 months supply.  Also a copy of your medical records, especially your most recent lab values.  That will make things go smoother when you meet your new physician.
Best of luck!  Savor your bite of the Big Apple!

Thanks for your replies guys, much appreciated.

I'll look into the health insurance coverage provided by my company in the US and work out what it includes.


There are also ADAP here in NYC, depend on your income, if you qualify money wise there are no requirements for citizenship. ADAP are open for all individuals regardless of visa status.


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