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My Dear Grandmother...

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I was just thinking this past weekend how my wonderful grandmother will be 91 in September.  I reminded myself that anything could happen at anytime.  My dad sent me an email last Thursday that she seemed to be fading, not quite herself.  She had decided to stop driving, and confessed that she had little interest in eating and less in cooking.

My grandmother fell this morning and while I don't know the exact circumstances or injury yet, in the ER they started the usual radiology and discovered metestatic cancer.  I don't know much more than that, but I've started packing and will drive out to west Texas tomorrow morning.  My dad can't make it until Thursday, my sis says, and I'm worried about my aunt, the only other family out there.  She is a nurse and also single, like me, and she will need some relief in care.  Mimi is now in a room, not an ICU, so I know she's stable, but she needs family and so I go to her.  I don't know what I'll find, but I am prepared for anything from changing a diaper to a pedicure.  I did the same thing for her husband, my grandfather, 10 years ago.

She has always been in my life, and I am preparing for the end of hers.  I guess the reason I'm posting this is because I am for once focusing on mortality other than my own. Thanks for reading.


Dear Creighton,

I'll be keeping you and your Mimi in my prayers.   Best of luck to you.



Andy Velez:
Creighton, sorry to hear about what's going on with your grandmother. Wishing you well however things go.


You and your Grandmother will be in my prayers.
I lost my granny 2 yrs ago at the age of 94. I miss her everyday!

Drive safe

Sorry to hear about your Grandmother, it's really good that you will be with her.  Cristy


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