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Herbal Supplements are not what they seem

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This article in the New York Times today

discussed a study completed in Canada and the US shows that many of the supplements that people use contain very little if any of the ingredient that's on the label.  This quote from the article stuck out.

"Of 44 herbal supplements tested, one-third showed outright substitution, meaning there was no trace of the plant advertised on the bottle only another plant in its place."

In many cases pills contain rice powder or ground up weeds.  So the next time your shelling out $20 for some Echinacea or Horny Goat Weed, or whatever know that there's a thirty percent chance that what your actually spending your $$on is rice powder. 

And probably a hundred percent chance that whatever your taking it for probably isn't going to be benefited from it anyway.

Jeff G:
Great post ... so happy you posted this .

Great post but Joe beat you to it yesterday in the off topic forum. Same title.

Jeff G:
Well . I take back my compliment and hand it to Joe LOL  ;)  . I think its crucial that the message get out that supplements should be looked upon with a critical eye .

Its very disconcerting when I see people struggling with health and financial problems turn to supplements only to realize too late it was money down the toilet .

All of us LTS remember the desperate search some of us or friends did for anything to improve our health or prolong life , and we remember how nothing ever really had value until ARV drugs .

I get the fact that its not always about HIV when people seek out supplements now days but the memory of snake oil and the lessons we learned is still foremost in my mind when this subject comes up on the forum . 


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