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Is there a site anyone can recommend that gives what the treatment regimens are and  what the side effects are, and if they?

Jeff G:
Here is a place to start ...

And there is this ...

And a happy finish ...

much appreciated Jeff

and here's the link to the med chart. click the drugs to get a lot of great info

after you narrow your choices down (btw, talk to your doctor about what he is going to recommend - that'll probably be the best way to start. you know by now in the history of HIV treatment, there are several standard regimes that most doctors start their patients off on), you might also want to google up the drug name and the words "package insert". The package insert will tell you everything about the drug.

Take note to really read the side effects section. Most side effects are short term, as your body adjusts to the meds and the lowering HIV viral count. The long term effects tend to happen to only very small percentages of patients - often under 2%. As a very generalized statement, almost all people (90%-95% or more) of patients who take any of these meds usually have little to no side effects. (I say this as encouragement. since you specifically asked about side effects, I figured they were a worrisome issue for you ;) )

It's amazing to me, to think how these numbers are nearly turned around from the early days. The improvements of HIV is simply incredible in such a short time. In other words, looking at contraindications (with other meds, and health issues - like blood pressure and/or mental health) is probably much more helpful than worrying about side effects.

thanks Leatherman, for the prospective.


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