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I contracted hiv between January and March 2013. I tested negative in April and positive in June. My viral load was 65 and my cd4 count was 1413. I went back in October. My viral load was 20 my cd4 count was 1493. What's going on? Is this normal? My doctor made me retake the western blot. I go back November 5. I'm so confused.

Hello and welcome . I am not surprised you are confused , however there are a 101 reasons for odd lab results. Including the clinic changing labs , the body is a mysterious thing and after many years with my HIV being monitored every 3 months it is unusual for me to not have a sudden change up or down every 18 months or so.

Your Doc is doing the right thing , getting a second reading , Are you currently un well ?
Take care , do you know others who are HIV+ ?

Thanks for responding. I'm in perfect health. I have never ran a fever nor had a sore throat. I haven't experienced seroconversion. My doctor said my viral load should had been high since I just contracted it.

You might be one of those people who can naturally control it, though will takes  a few years to confirm that. Good to see you doing well x

It's possible you have a genetic predisposition where your body naturally keeps your VL low. IIRC, there are two known genetic factors pertaining to HIV - one that controls VL and another that makes one resistant to contracting HIV.


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