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Joint pain

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I was hoping some of you here in the forum can help me, I am dealing with stiff and sore joint, especially in my feet. Specially in the morning when I get up, or after sitting down for 30 minutes.

In the beginning my doctor thought it was the TB med that I got, but now I have been out of that med since mid September. They took some bloodsamples, but they did not show that something should be wrong.

Now they think it could be a side effect from my HIV med, I get Truvada and Veramune.

So my question is, has anyone experienced similar side effects from this combo?

Or do you think it could be something else?



Miss Philicia:
You had a low cd4 count upon diagnosis, so then you've had this possibly for decade.

Arthritis isn't uncommon in patients with long term infection, and it's from HIV itself --namely the constant inflammatory effects and the HIV medications. I'm surprised that your doctor didn't consider this first.

Joint Pain which led to Bone Pain was the first symptom I had with HIV. From my understanding this is not uncommon and there are many reasons for it. Including one in Latin that translates to something near General Bone Pain due to unknown sources.

In my case its a variety off conditions and side affects from at least 3 off the drugs.

The saving grace in all this was approx 15 years ago I was given a referral to a Pain control Doctor. Who through my exhaustive description off the Pains started me on a cocktail off drugs , including drugs not associated with pain control --in my case anti depressant used in a small does. There was a period off experimentation and to my delight If I struck to the cocktail I could be Pain free.

Now in the UK Pain controll Doctors are easily accessable to all and they have given back to me Pain Management way beyond the years before my referral . I have had at least one session with a visiting US Doctor , having a free Holiday in London on a study trip.

ED to add. Sorry assumed you where based in US , I would be surprised if you cannot access the Same in whatever Scandinavian country you are based in. In the UK the discipline grew out off 2 areas Anesthetics and the Hospice Movement.

Hope this helps in some way

i have been having pain in my back and knees im on truvada norvir and presista so maybe its the truvada

Miss Philicia, Arthritis was checked and the results came back negative.

And Michael, thank you for sharing your experience, I will talk to my doctor about this.

2cells, one of my doctors also think it could be Truvada.

Today I was admitted to the hospital, due to high fever, and they are afraid that the TB is coming back, but in best case I only have Pneumonia. So tomorrow morning my doctor will come and see me, and I will ask about my problem once again, and I will have your comments in mind, so thank you very much.

English is not my first language, and after I got sick it seems like it has gotten even worse, so I am sorry that my comments are a little short, it seems like my level of patience and writing in English is just as low as my cd4!!


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