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Watch Oprah tomorrow


Peter Staley:
On Thursday, October 26, The Oprah Winfrey Show features "the new voices of AIDS."

Oprah Winfrey will interview POZ editor in chief Regan Hofmann, POZ community outreach coordinator Marvelyn Brown and four other women about their experiences living with HIV. The episode will lead with a Magic Johnson interview.

The show will air in most markets, in their respective time zones, at 4 pm. (Local exceptions include Chicago, where it airs at 9 am, and Los Angeles, where it airs at 3 pm.) For more information, visit

Hey Peter,

Yup I intend to watch Oprah today with my Mom... I just tested positive on Tuesday, 9 years 11 months to the day, since I came out... I'm sure I'll be posting on this forum soon...



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