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Breast Feeding while poz


hey beautiful ladies

Do you think its advisable to breast feel when poz,in my country we have to breas feed for 6 months and  for this 6 months the baby will be on meds too....i want to save my baby all the trouble and bottle feed from the start!

And another issue can i give birth naturallly or i should get  ready for c section...

love -A

No, you should not breastfeed.

Provided you do not have a detectable viral load during the last few months of your pregnancy, there is no reason why you should need a C-section. You can give birth naturally.

C-sections are only recommended when the mother has not been on meds during the pregnancy - and if I remember correctly, you're taking Atripla. You shouldn't have a problem.

Welcome to the forums, by the way.


Thanx Ann

will bottle feed my bambino then!  ;)

love -A

Aprille ... congratulations ! I bottle fed both my children from birth - they both turned out beautifully ! They also tolerated the meds well. My kids did best when I gave them the liquid meds right before a bottle, they tended to spit up a little if I gave them the meds after the bottle. :) s

i bottle fed my baby -it was expensive, but there were community resources for hiv people that would give me diapers and formula for free.  I would talk to your resource/counselor foir advice on that.  i would have liked to breastfeed, i personally think that if your VL is undetectable that it wouldn't be a problem, but I don't think any mother wants to participate in that study to confirm... so err on the side of caution and do bottle and the required rx for child, vaginal delivery, did azt IV for me during delivery and he did atz liquid for about 5 weeks - once his VL showed zero they said he was fine and negative.  a baby will be born with your antibodies so they will test positive at first - so don't worry !!!


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