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How Do You Feel If You Miss a Dose

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--- Quote from: Habersham on November 01, 2013, 07:04:34 PM ---And I am never going to have a catheter installed. That just plain freaks me the fkc out!

BTW - I feel perfectly normal when I miss a dose of meds.

Not signing up for a buttscope even if everyone else is

--- End quote ---

Yeah, I had one of those put in once. Yikes.

As for the sans-meds wonkiness, the consensus among therapist and psychiatrist is that it was the aripiprazole wot's to blame.

Is a colonoscopy surgery or more of a procedure? I don't consider it surgery unless there's a scalpel (real or laser), but I pulled that definition out of my ass, so...

A colonoscopy is when they give you good drugs and stick a camera up your butt

Apparently, Katie Couric's colon is very perky

The bad part is you have to drink nasty stuff that gives you exploding diearhea the nite before

Been there - done that

Your definition makes sense


--- Quote from: oksikoko on October 28, 2013, 11:25:20 AM --- It's more embarrassing than anything, though I wouldn't want to operate heavy machinery right now.

Does anything like this happen to you if you miss a dose? I'm assuming it's mostly the aripiprazole, but I've skipped that on its own before and felt nothing like this. I've never missed both.

--- End quote ---

THAT!  I feel incredibly stupid when I miss a dose.  I'm fortunate that even though I thought my adherence would be TERRIBLE, I maybe take 6 doses of Truvada late per year, today being one of them (I never truly skip a dose, I adjust by 4 hour increments until it's back on schedule.)  Isentress, I have more problems with remembering the PM dose of it and probably miss one every week or two.   Thankfully, I've never been anything but undetectable since on it.

I was late once.  Woke up and realized that I had not taken my Atripla.  I jumped out of bed and immediately took it.  Lucky for me it was only 6 hours late and I was finishing up my first year so tried not to sweat it too much.  Things my have been different if I was in my first week or two of treatment.

I logged on here in the middle of the night and got a reassuring message within minutes from Hellraiser that really I should not worry.  He was correct.  My ID Spec basically told me the same thing when I got in touch with him the following day.

It does get your attention and I have not missed a dose since.  Don't beat yourself up too much over it... just DONT do it again!  Sending you my best.


I feel fine. I've learned not to stress over the little things. I rarely miss a dose and because of that, when I do, It's a non event.



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