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How Do You Feel If You Miss a Dose

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Hey, all. So, I almost never miss doses, but I slept through all of Sunday and missed both my Stribild and aripiprazole. When I woke up this morning, I felt unsteady and everything looked like a movie in slow motion, like I could sometimes see two frames at once. I took both of them right away. It's been a few hours, but I still feel completely unsteady plus I keep crying for no reason. I also feel like I could throw up at any time. It's more embarrassing than anything, though I wouldn't want to operate heavy machinery right now.

Does anything like this happen to you if you miss a dose? I'm assuming it's mostly the aripiprazole, but I've skipped that on its own before and felt nothing like this. I've never missed both.


I am new to all of this so I am not sure I am 100% correct.  But from what I've read you could potentially miss 1 out of every 20 or 30 times and it wouldn't hurt drastically.  I believe the half life in these new medications is long and while you should never miss a dose if you can...missing one dose has a very low chance of being problematic.  But as we all already know, taking your meds on time each day is key to seeing the best results.  I have just recently started meds but have not missed any.  Try setting a phone alarm or maybe a clock alarm next to your bed.

Jeff G:
I would bet its the missed dose of aripiprazole. If I miss doses of my antidepressant I have noticed almost identical side effects , especially since I'm now taking double what I once did .   

Thanks, GoForIt. I'm not concerned about resistance, though. Just curious if anyone else felt such drastic consequences of skipping. 'Drastic', ha. Dizziness and crying aren't all that serious.

Thanks, Jeff. I've skipped it before and not felt this. I'm wondering if it's a consequence of skipping both. Aripiprazole is cleared by the same enzyme that cobicistat suppresses. Suddenly I had a bunch of it maybe, and it cleared even my extra stores of aripiprazole? Pop science at its best. ;)

Feeling better now, just super anxious like I'm not usually. And still dizzy, but I'm not a surgeon, so no worries there.

Jeff G:
This is a classic question for Newt ... Calling on Newt !!! . Its kind of like Samantha calling Dr Bombay , Newt magically appears when you invoke his name , eventually .   


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