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Jeff G:

--- Quote from: mitch777 on October 31, 2013, 10:48:37 AM ---Are your doctors convinced now that it was induced by Atripla or are they "uncertain" of the cause? Makes me wonder if their have been any studies done about this.
Happy for you that at least you now need much less insulin. :)

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I haven't discussed my improved numbers with them yet . To be clear ... Atripla contributed to my diabetes , not everyone gets sky high lipids and bad cholesterol problems with Atripla . I posted this so that others that are having metabolic problems and are on HIV combos that contribute to them can consider if there are things they can do before they end up on insulin or harsh statins .   

Jeff G:

--- Quote from: buginme2 on October 31, 2013, 10:49:40 AM ---My blood sugar levels had always been normal pre HIV.  When I started Atripla.they increased to about 110 fasting.  That always concerned me since I exercise every day and ate pretty healthy.  My doctor never really mentioned it as an issue but I always found it as odd.  Prior to Atripla they were below 100. 

Now that I've switched to complera, I'm curious to see if there had been a change.  I get my first labs post compares complera in five days.

The thing about this topic that is scary is I'm doing everything else right. I eat right, I exercise every day.  I do lots of cardio and weights and am back to my normal weight of 160 (normal for me, which when I started Atripla I ballooned up to 180).  Anyway you still do all the right things and you watch your blood sugar level creep up and up. 

If it doesn't start to come down I'm having a talk with the Dr about this.  I.don't know what I'll do.  But.......

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Its folks like you that made me want to post this topic to begin with . When my lipids and metabolic problems began my doctors led me to believe that I could correct the problem with diet and exercise . I did my part and my bad labs kept getting worse and that's when I lost my temper with my doctor and told her that its wasn't my diet , it was the Atripla . I did revert back to a bad diet that made things worse after working so hard and not making an impact I simply gave up after a while .

I guess I will never know if I would have been a diabetic without Atripla , but I think not .   


--- Quote from: Jeff G on October 31, 2013, 10:32:30 AM ---Im starting to think that the link to diet drinks and diabetes isn't as clear cut as some reports has suggested . The strongest link to diet drinks and diabetes seems to come from the fact that the people who consume diet drinks are more than likely doing so because they are already over weight or they love of sugary snacks that puts them into a high risk demographic .

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Yes, I had considered that when I read the study. One thing I have realized about myself though is the more sweet foods I eat, the more I want sweets. I had really cut down on sweets until my partner brought some chocolate from Brussels, which I could not resist. I found myself at work standing in front of the vending machine, which I had given up completely, staring at the Snickers bar. I think diet soft drinks increase my cravings for sugary foods.

Jeff G:
I used to never drink soda or sugary drinks and now that I have a taste for them I crave it so Im trying to back off and limit myself to two diet cokes a a day .

I was bad yesterday and ate a rice crispy treat as big as your head that came in my box lunch at a meeting . I had to inject insulin twice to get back to normal ... that rice crispy treat was the best thing I tasted in months LOL .   

While you can take a critical eye about the relation between fake sugar and diabetes, please also keep in mind another consideration.  I believe it is argued that fake sugar drinks to not satisfy a sweet tooth, they exacerbate the desire for sweets.


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