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Aloha, My story is very similar, I've been a diabetic since 94',  all was fine till about 2013, I was on a maintenance pill, one morning I woke up thinking I was having a stroke.  I was rushed to the hospital my blood sugar was 486, discovered I also had heart disease as well. I've been told that HIV increases the strain of diabetes on the body and my heart disease to some one older then me more like a 80 yr old.  I'm 55 yr. 

Long story short I was taken off my pill, put on insulin, Lantus twice a day 60units, Humalog 32units each meal plus a sliding scale, sometime up to 60+ units one meal.  Last visit I had with my Doctor I asked about Egrifta, I've been on Complera for 8 months, my weight went from 130 lbs to 188.1lbs. I had lots of energy I was running 9 miles daily  I'm a short guy 5ft 4in. No more energy I've developed major belly fat, my doctor wont give Egrifta to me, said it was my diabetes not the Complera. 

Then a Dietitian offered me Barbaric Surgery, she said the diabetic community was pro this surgery?  Then she saw in my chart i was HIV+,and she said I'd have to try something else.

I then talked with my GP she said she need to take me off my Testosterone because it was effecting my heart disease??  My HIV doctor put me back on it to keep my energy level up.

I was so upset with all of this I decided to treat myself,  I went on a liquid meal twice daily for the last thee weeks, I've lost belly fat and weight 11lbs. and my blood sugars have gone from the 300's to 176 and as low as 71. 

Since I cant get the medical staff to help me I've taken it upon myself to get rid of the belly fat.  I have a fitness background and retired from the medical community 7 yrs ago.   

Just one of the problems I have is having enough calories for my Complera  400, one liquid meal with nonfat milk is 300, when I take Complera at dinner time, more food intake I feel sick, morning is better for me.

And by the way before all of this treatment started,before Complera I was fine, Blood sugars were low,130 range maintenance was diet controlled and my HIV status was always undetectable and still is?  My complication developed with belly fat started after I was placed on Complera.  I'm told because I went so long without taking any meds after my first sign of HIV, 19 years ago, that I damaged my own heart, my diabetes and this is why its so important to start medication as early as possible, I think that before anyone starts a new med everyone should know you can gain major weight, and that's fine if you've lost a lot of weight, but for someone who doesn't have that problem, they should be encouraged to increase exercise and watch your diet closer?

Jeff G:
Agreed , diet is key . I just got my diabetes averages back for the last 3 month's and I am averaging 103 and 6.1 . That's normal blood sugar readings from eating healthy .

ojoshawaiano55 , I'm concerned with your radical diet though , especially with the heart disease you have .     

I'm still doing the liquid meals twice a day, the breakfast I've added peanut butter, some fresh fruit to the drink to reach my 4oo calories for the Complera.  my radical diet I've added more protein and veggies because I've started jogging and some weight training.  I'm hoping with jogging the water I seem to be retaining in my left leg will soon get better, or I will have to start taking a water pill again.  my A1C just came back and its a 7, with blood sugars in the 130 range, good for me but can be better, maybe with the exercise.  Thanks for the concern.

Aloha,   8)


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