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My life ended on September 11, 2013: I was confirmed as HIV positive. This sucks so much.

Jeff G:
You life changed on that day but it didn't end . I'm one of many who has lived 30 or more years with this virus and you can do it too .

Your life may be different than what you had planed but it can be a good life just the same . I have traveled the world and had many great adventures all while living with HIV .

The despair you are feeling is something you will eventually work through , it does get better and although it may not feel like it now your life has as much value today as it ever did . We have all been where you are and made through , you will too . 

Welcome to the forum .

Thank you. It has been a great challenge, and it's different from day to day. I suppose I'm having a low moment today, but I know it isn't a death sentence as it used to be.
I can see that this forum will greatly help since I don't have anyone near to lean on. Again, thank you.

Jeff G:
You are welcome , so glad you found us . We have members from all over the world so many points of view and experience are represented here .

Check out our forum gatherings .

We choose a city every year and share a week of fun , if you can make it you will make some new friends and are guaranteed to have a good time .   

Sounds awesome! Thanks!


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