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A little update here !

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Keep up the Good Work HOPE!!!! I admire your spirit!



--- Quote from: WillyWump on November 11, 2013, 10:15:41 AM ---Keep up the Good Work HOPE!!!! I admire your spirit!


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Thanks buddy.

Port placement surgery was done on Friday and now I am ready for treatment number 2!  I am scheduled to be at the oncologist's office at 8:30AM Tuesday.  Lets kick some more lymphoma butt !!! 

Edit to add:

Oh... I have decided that when my hair does fall out and come back in, I would LOVE for it to be reddish blond. 

My second treatment went so much better than the first.  I was able to use the port for this one and they had no problems accessing it which certainly made things go smoothly.  My only side affect so far is extreme fatigue and the usual chemo heartburn the many folks get.  Feeling a bit more energetic now so perhaps the two naps today made a difference.

Thanks again for the support, e-mails, and phone conversations.  You guys are the best!  Still have my hair for now, but I understand it may thin out after the 3rd or 4th treatment.  I would love for it to come back in red. 

Stay in touch!


Good Luck ! Eric

I went in for my interim PET scan on Tuesday (3/4). In January I completed my third cycle of ABVD chemo and my Onc wanted to wait six weeks before doing the PET.  Honestly, I truly hoped/expected to see that tumors would have decreased in size. The results that came back showed no evidence of Lymphoma cancer whatsoever. At first I thought there may be some kind of mistake but after viewing the images with my doctor, I saw for myself the scan that showed no evidence of cancer.

I agree this looks great but of course I still need to complete three additional cycles of ABVD. The doc wants me to do a pulmonary function test on Monday to see how things are going with my lungs. We may drop the Bleo if the results show some issues.  Bleomycin (aka Bleo) can cause major lung damage.  That PCP Pneumonia I had back in 2010 wreaked enough havoc on my lungs quite frankly and if there is a way to proceed successfully without it, then I am all for 'dropping it'. 

Just wanted to post a quick update here. 


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