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Boston Doctor suggestions?


Hi all -
I have lived in Boston for over 15 years (Poz 23 years) and have not had good luck in finding a Doctor here.  One after another had disappointed me.  About 5 or 6 in all, and I won't go into all the details, but I need to feel that my Dr. is listening to me and I need to trust Him/Her and the people who work in His/Her office or the hospital the office is associated with.
I lived in SF for 7 years with HIV and was far more satisfied with the care I received there.  I only switched Drs. once, and that was due to a job/health insurance change.  Had I known I would be in this position 15 years later, I would never have moved here.
I have good insurance (Medicare/Blue Cross) so that isn't an issue. 
Thanks -

Hi Jeff:

I have what I consider a wonderful HIV+ doctor at Mass General. I started seeing him about 15 years ago and came back to him about a year ago when I needed him again. I would recommend him highly.

IM me if you want details, name, phone, etc.

Hi Jeff,
I see Dr Christopher Rowley in Provincetown but he comes out here from Beth Israel Deaconess medical center in Boston. He's competent & has a good bedside manner. I'm sure he sees patients in Boston, somewhere. His email is
If you write to him, say that Deiby, as in die-bee, recommended him.
hugs, Deibster


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