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My partner of 8 years told me last night he's positive. And he kept asking if I fully understand what that meant, and I assured him that I did. This morning, however, I think it REALLY began to sink in. When I allow my mind to slow down, I start to feel shell shocked. And as much as I want to be supportive of him, part of me wants to just curl up in a ball and just wish this was happening to someone, anyone else.

And I just want to cry, all the time.

 To follow-up on yesterday's post: I feel so much better. It turns out that my partner was exposed before we got together, so he's been living with it for at least 8 years. And his doctor told him his viral load is virtually undetectable and should remain that way as long as he takes his meds.

Do you have questions you want to ask us in the forum, or do you think you'll be able to talk it out with your partner? Or both?

Just a note: effective HAART means he should be most of the time, reliably undetectable, not "virtually undetectable"...  Is this a wording slip, or are you unaware of what effective treatment means....  Or something else?


Thanks for the response and the clarification. This is still very new for me, and he just started treatment. I'm sure I'll have questions, but more than anything yesterday I just needed a release.

Ah well if he just started, that explains the numbers. It can take awhile to finally drop form very low, to undetectable.


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