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Bad news today


I got an HIV test at my doctor on Friday as part of my normal physical and went back today to find out I tested positive, and it was confirmed with the Western blot.  I have no symptoms.  I'm shocked.  I've practiced unprotected sex in the past, but have been with the same monogamous partner for over a year and last tested 11 months ago.

I feel numb.  How did this happen?  How do I tell my partner?  Does he have HIV?  Did he give it to me?  Did I give it to him?  I trust him 100% which makes this even more confusing.

The doctor set me up with an infection disease specialist but I have to wait 3 weeks for my appointment and have many questions.  They also gave me 13 different blood tests today and I have no idea what they are.

I'm 30 and live in the US.  Any advise is appreciated.  Just writing this down brings me tears.

Hi sorry to hear about your news.

I've been exactly where you are right now.  Partnered, testing positive a year or so in a relationship.  The whole thing.
Just know its ok to be freaked out a little and everything will be ok. You will get through it and it gets easier.

Thanks buginme.  What ended up happening?

Sorry to hear you're poz, but glad you found this site.  You will learn so much here, as well as find so much support. 

I found myself testing poz, while in a very longterm relationship.  I had suspected for years I had been infected.  I was so relieved my partner tested neg.  Hopefully, your partner will test neg, as well.  If he is poz, it won't do much good to debate who infected whom.  I mean, if you were having unprotected sex with your partner and both had unprotected sex with previous partners with no testing, then it would be impossible to know. 

About the blood labs, they probably tested your CD4, viral load, complete blood count, glucose, testing for other STI's like hepatitis, and may have done a resistance test to see if your virus already has resistance to some meds. 

I wish you the best as you begin to come to terms with this.  It is good you got tested and know your status.  You will know where your health stands, so you shouldn't have to deal with getting very ill in the hospital and learning your status there.  Keep in touch. 



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