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Is he serious?


I thought of posting this in the Obamacare thread but didn't want to distract the topic.

This Texas senator has serious mental health issues. He is all for insurance companies denying legitimate claims to save them the expense of paying for what people paid for. WOW!!!

Mitch, nineinchnews is a satire site. Have a look at the titles of some of their other recent stories....

Boehner Announces Retirement Will Retreat To Monastery

DEA Chief Admits War Against Cannabis A Fraud

Vladimir Putin Admits To Wrestling Nekked With Bears

Pat Robertson Converts To Hinduism, Becomes Raw Vegan

I have to admit that I too was taken in (it's a very believable story) until I realised what site it was on.

Oopsie.  :-[ Thanks Ann! Guess I need to pay closer attention. He is so nuts that I would almost believe anything about him. lol.

That ,s there success they get it so near the bone , I would off been taken in had it not been NIN , well I would off read wider I hope . What has happened during the shut down was/is on a par with satire , the Politician asking the Park worker where they not ashamed while wearing an over sized American flag he looked like he was dressed by South Park creators.

In our own community what has happened to thunter , resulting in being left without drugs , scandalous.


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